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Poly cotton is a fine blend of synthetic fibre, polyester, with the natural fibre, cotton. What one lacks, the other fulfils. In a poly cotton fabric blend, you will find the breathability, texture and lightness of cotton and the tear resistance, drape and crispness of polyester. We manufacture world-class poly cotton fabric in the most favourable blend of 65% (polyester) and 35% (cotton). Priced more reasonably than cotton and other natural fabrics, our poly cotton fabric packs the goodness of natural fibres and affords better durability with unmatched class and luxe feel.

Counts: From 30/2 NE to 100/2 NE

No fabric is as light, breathable and skin-friendly as cotton. Perhaps this is the reason why cotton shirts have been cladding people for thousands of years. At Richmondo, we bring the timeless benign qualities of cotton to the fore, weaving 100% pure cotton fabric suitable for all your shirting needs. Our cotton fibre comes from the best plantations from the Indian subcontinent, known for growing and weaving cotton fabric for millennia. Our pure and cent- percent natural cotton fabric is woven on speciality warping machines and looms and is closely inspected for impurities to ensure that you get rolls of the finest quality cloth.

Counts: From 30/2 NE to 100/2 NE

Rich and elegant finery is seldom associated with durability. Yet, the jacquard fabric offers both. The jacquard fabric comes with some intrinsic properties that distinguish it from any other fabric. It is durable and strong, has amazing drapability and finish, and owing to the fact that it can be created on a diverse range of fabric blends, it allows you to get the desired breathability, tenacity and lustre. Since the design is woven directly into the Jacquard fabric using a special loom, the design patterns won’t wear off with repetitive washing, as in the case of printed, embroidered or stamped designs. Woven on an ultra-modern Jacquard loom at our state-of- the-art manufacturing

Making room for an active lifestyle, the stretch fabric brings new possibilities to corporate wear, workwear and sportswear. Our philosophy behind producing stretch fabric is that no one shall feel confined by clothing. With flexibility, agility and durability as our key focus, we weave world-class 2-way and 4-way stretch fabrics that truly empower your dressing. Made with the finest quality elastic fibres and also through looping, our stretch fabric offers unmatched breathability and dampness-absorbing properties.

Counts: (Lycra Blended) From 28/2 NE to 38/2 NE

Few blends complement each other as well as polyester and wool. An excellent choice for crafting winter wear, this blend brings the wrinkle and shrink resistance qualities of polyester and the excellent drapability, breathability and snugness of natural wool. At Richmondo, we weave three blends of poly wool; 40/60, 55/45 and 70/30, giving you a lot of options to craft the fabric into a variety of clothing items with a long life. Crafted with passion using cutting- edge technology, our poly wool fabric feels natural and soothing to the skin, offers better protection against shrinking and fraying, and gives you a sophisticated look.

Counts: From 20/2 NM to 80/2 NM

A perfect blend of natural cotton and polyester, the poly cotton fabric retains the best of both fibres, offering extra breathability, lightness, strength and versatility. We create poly cotton at the optimum blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which gives the fabric the desired softness and crispiness, better durability and tear resistance. Much more affordable and stronger than 100% cotton, the poly cotton blend offers optimum airflow, keeping the wearer fresh and comfortable.

Counts: From 30/2 NE to 100/2 NE

Poly viscose or Terry Rayon is a high-quality blended fabric with diverse applications. From suits to jackets to dresses and workwear, the super-strong fabric offers great comfortability and a luxurious feel. Quite like wool in texture and softness, this fabric doesn’t shrink like wool. Weaved in our advanced facility in a Poly/Viscose 70/30 ratio, the Richmondo Terry Rayon is a much sought-after product in the European markets. If you are looking for a fabric to stitch an elegant and sharp suit, our premium-grade Terry Rayon fabric blend would be the best choice.

Counts: From 10/2 NE to 60/2 NE

Uniforms, either for schools, offices, or factories, need to withstand the daily rigour of life. After facing the day’s spills and spots and tugging and tumbling, an ideal uniform fabric must be ready to look prim and proper for the next outing. At Richmondo, we weave top-quality uniform and workwear fabrics on highly advanced looms, delivering unmatched fabric strength and durability, superior colour fastness and shrinkage control, and an anti-pilling finish.

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